We are looking for

Robotic and automation solution engineer

What we do

We are robotic automation company that helps small and mid-sized manufacturers to start they automation revolution in a matter of days, and for a fraction of costs, traditional engineering companies offer.

We do that by providing carefully picked partner’s and developed in-house solutions that will work out-of-the-box for the most of the human-intensive tasks currently manufactures have.

Our values

Collaborate. Deliver. Reflect. Improve.

This most valuable person will be

  • Learning and analysing clients needs, mapping current workflow, identifying automation and digitalisation opportunities.
  • Incrementally and iteratively designing and implementing a new valuable automation and digitalisation solutions.
  • Using in his/her development and delivery process programming languages (Python, .NET framework languages) and ready-made software packages for CAD drawings and simulation creation (e.g. CATIA, Visual Components, etc.).
  • Integrating software (API, Web Services) and hardware solutions when developing a new, automated workflow based on Universal Robots, Robotiq and other automation equipment.
  • Improving JOB4BOT internal working agreements for the higher quality and faster sales, development, delivery and maintenance process.
  • Sharing the learnings with internal and external audiences by creating educational screencast videos and case-study materials.

Requirements to succeed in the role

  • Eager to collaborate with customers, analyse current workflows and find automation and digitalisation opportunities.
  • Identifying automation opportunities and taking the lead in solving complex design tasks taking customer requirements, performance requirements, manufacturing possibilities, norms and standards into consideration.
  • The fast and iterative creation of economically most efficient and quick to deploy future solution simulations in 3D drawings and to improve simulation accordingly to feedback gathered.
  • Be ready to deliver high-level end-user and customer support, by troubleshooting the problems (by phone, on-site, emails) and helping them with encountered technical issues.
  • Educate end-users and partners by creating the videos and presenting gained knowledge and designed solutions to the large audiences


  • Languages - English (at a business fluid level is essential for the job), Estonian, Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian (highly beneficial).
  • Software programming (Python, .NET, API, Web Services, Microservices architecture; beginner level with strive to become an expert is essential for the job).
  • Good experience in working with CATIA 3D and Visual Components modelling tool (is necessary for the job).
  • Excellent electrical and mechanical background and experience in electrical machines design.


  • The pragmatic academical approach is something we eager to see in all our candidates and colleagues.
  • Don’t stumble here if you are still learning - the higher degree is just showing us the ability to start and finish the project (Level of degree indicates the number of time you managed to do this :). We are looking for people to grow, learn and to develop all needed skills mentioned above together with you.


  • Fast learning is the key to be successful in this role.
  • Readiness to experiment a lot and learn fast is the way we operate.
  • Fast incremental delivery of the valuable solutions to the end-users, seeking for the feedback, and rapid re-iteration for the higher value creation.
  • Customer and user-centric solutions with the excellent user experience.
  • Packaging the valuable solutions that you and our team co-created to sell it at scale is in your DNA.
  • Product owner and intrapreneurial attitude.



For more information about the role and job call +3725021033