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JOB4BOT - Robotiq official distributor in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. Universal Robots package for rent.

Official distributor of Robotiq products in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

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Robotiq - Tools to Start Production Faster

German audio equipment leader Beyerdynamic - "we have achieved a 50% increase in volume with a simultaneous increase in quality.”


Creating Revolutions looked for 40 different robots when came across UR and Robotiq. Implementation of UR3 and Robotiq gripper reduced product returns from double-digit numbers to less than 1%.

Saint-Gobain: “We assigned the robot to the hardest part of the polishing process. During this time, the operator can focus on surface preparation and produce the same amount in two 8-hour shifts instead of three. We’ve achieved ROI in less than a year.”

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Lowercase: “A collaborative robot is operating our CNC machine. Right now, we’re not looking for someone to operate a CNC machine, but we are looking for engineers and designers who can work with robotics to improve processes. If that helps us grow as a business, that helps creating jobs.”

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Lowercase: "The main problem with automation -  integration cost was 3-4 times the cost of the robotics solution itself. With UR5 and the Robotiq gripper, the integration cost was a fraction of the actual purchase price. It made it tenable for a small company of two people to integrate a robot into our solution.”

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Robotiq’s 2-Finger Gripper complements the FT 300 Force Torque Sensor and Wrist Camera and opens doors to more complex machine tending and assembly tasks. This lets you use a single gripper in several types of applications, which raises the ROI.


Collaborative and safe start for industrial automation

Always perform a risk assessment when implementing a robotic cell. There are ways to make gripper safer, such as by using our protective covers to hide pinch points, in order to comply with ISO/TS-15066 standards.

Robotiq grippers, wrist camera, FORCE TORQUE SENSO

Flexible automation and deployment

JOB4BOT packaged solution to start with your automation and digitalisation project

Packaged solution to start with your automation and digitalisation.

Universal Robots (UR3, UR5, UR10) - best cobot for your digital workforce

JOB4BOT is the official Robotiq distributor in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Pick-it is the 3D robot vision solution that guides your robot to pick and place your products.

JOB4BOT is official distributor of Robotiq products in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

Automation and digitalisation  engineering services - audit solution design, installation and training.

JOB4BOT financing and renting options can help you to start with automation and digitalisation without taking substantial risks.

We are committed to helping you with our low-cost and fast to deploy automation solutions

Contact us today, to get help with identifying potential automation and digitalisation tasks in your current manual-intense production process.

Digitalisation opportunities audits and rapid new solution's simulations provided by our engineers and consultants received highly positive feedback from our clients.

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